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Faculty of Health Science

Department of  Environmental Health Science.

List of Courses

200 Level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
GST 107A Study Guide for the Distance Learner2C
GST 201Nigerian Peoples and Culture2C
GST 203Introduction to Philosophy and Logic2C
EHS 201General Microbiology2C
EHS 203Hygiene Education and Promotion2C
EHS 205Climate Change & Contemporary Issues2C
EHS 207General Biochemistry3C
EHS 209General Biochemistry Practical1C
EHS 213General Microbiology Laboratory1C
PHS 201Anatomy3C

200 Level Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
GST 101Use of English and Communication Skills I2C
GST 102Use of English and Communication Skills II2C
GST 103Computer Fundamental2C
GST 104Use of Library2C
GST 202Fundamental of Peace and Conflict Resolution2C
NSC 104Human Physiology I4C
NSC 204Epidemiology2C
EHS 202Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Sciences2C
EHS 204Introduction to Environmental Health2C
EHS 210Biodiversity and Climate Change2C
PHS 202Nutrition in Health and Disease3C
PHS 210Introduction to Biostatistics3C

300 Level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
NSC 307Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy3C
EHS 307Primary Health Care2C
EHS 315International Port Health Services2C
EHS 301Basic Instrumentation and Use2C
EHS 303General Parasitology2C
EHS 305General Entomology2C
EHS 311Introduction Environmental Management2C
EHS 313Environmental Health Information System2C
EHS 321Health Safety & Environment2C
EHS 319Introduction to Demography2C
EHS 317Solid Waste Management2C

300 Level Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
EHS 302General Pathology3C
EHS 304Food Hygiene and safety2C
EHS 306Sanitary Inspection of Premises2C
EHS 308Environmental Biotechnology3C
EHS 310Control of Communicable and noncommunicable Diseases2C
EHS 312Housing and Building Construction2C
EHS 314Environmental Health Services in Emergency Situation2C
EHS 316Immunology and Immunization2C
EHS 318Water Resources Management2C
EHS 320Environmental Health Economics2E
EHS 322Reproductive Health2C

400 Level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
EHS 401Meat inspection and Abattoir/Slaughter Slab Management2C
EHS 403Environmental Health Laboratory3C
EHS 405Environmental Health Administration2C
EHS 407Research Methodology & Proposal Writing3C
EHS 409Sewage and Waste Water Management2C
EHS 411Environmental Toxicology3C
EHS 413Urban Planning and sustainable Development2C
EHS 415Public Utilities and Environmental Health Issues2C
EHS 417Environmental Health Planning2C
EHS 419Sanitary Engineering2C

400 Level Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
EHS 402Industrial attachment (SIWES)6C

*Logbook shall carry not less than 25% of the overall industrial attachment score.

The Second Semester of the 4th Year should be used for Industrial Attachment for the students in order to expose them to Environmental Health facilities in rural and urban settings. They are required to visit Environmental Health firms, industries and laboratories to enable them acquire the skills in Environmental Health Sciences. Each student must keep and present a logbook for assessment at the end of his/her industrial attachment.

500 Level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
EHS 501Seminar2C
EHS 503Water/Air Quality Management2C
EHS 505Environmental Epidemiology2C
EHS 507Environmental Health Lab Practice2C
EHS 509Environmental Health Ethics - Regulations Policies and Laws2C
EHS 513Industrial safety2C
EHS 515Pollution Control2C
EHS 517Biometeorology2
PHS 511Applied Epidemiology (communicable andnon-communicable diseases)3C

Students who want to be registered and professionally certified by the Council to practice as Environmental Health Officers are advice to register with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON).

500 Level Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitStatus
EHS 502Research Project5C
EHS 504Occupational Health and Safety2C
EHS 510Monitoring and Evaluation1C
EHS 508Health Psychology and Sociology2C
EHS 512Emergency Medical Care2C
EHS 514Pest Management Methods and Control2C
EHS 518Community Sanitation2C
EHS 520Biomedical and Special Waste2C
ESM 342Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing3C
PHS 524Health Education and Promotion3C
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